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Newbie with EQ questions

Newbie with EQ questions

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been lurking and learning for 2-3 months now and decided it’s time to post my story and ask a few questions. I tried to keep it short.

I’m 48 years old am 6’3” tall, weigh 260 pounds and my resting heart rate is 84-90 bpm.

NBPFSL = 3.5”
BPEL = 7.5”
FG = 4.5”
EG = 5.85”

About 6-7 years ago started experiencing a decline in erection quality. After 18 years of an “Okay” to sometimes good marriage with a very unsatisfying sex life I turned to Internet porn as a sexual outlet. One of my favorite ways of masturbating was to use a cock ring around the top of my scrotum and this became a pretty consistent way of masturbating. About 3 months ago I noticed that there was a lot more skin around my penis and I realized that I had inadvertently been stretching my foreskin. Recognizing that I had become sexually compulsive/hooked on porn and noticing further loss in EQ, I decided I needed to make some changes. At about that same time I found this website along with a couple of others and after lurking and reading decided the best way to improve my overall EQ would be to start by
1. Reducing my use of porn.
2. Begin taking supplements.
3. Resume a cardio and weight lifting regimen (I just started this about 4 weeks ago and missed a big chunk of last week because I was sick. I do about 30 min of cardio and do bench press and squats at least 3x/week.
4. Start doing Kegels.
5. Mild Jelquing 1-2x per week depending on schedule and opportunity.
6. Figuring that I already had a head start, I also started restoring my foreskin.

I’ve been taking supplements for 18 weeks now and have been doing Kegel’s every other day for the same time period. I currently do 100-10 count (one, and two and…) kegels and 100 where I hold for a count of 10. I just started doing reverse kegels about two weeks ago.

My current supplements include
Ginsana 200 mg/day
Ginger Root 1100 mg/day
Zinc 50 mg/day
Ginko Biloba 240 mg/day
L-Arginine 1000 mg/day
Lysine 1000 mg/day
Green Tea 300 mg/day
HGW 1000 mg/day
Fish Oil 2000/day
Ginger Caps 2000/day
Just added 455 mg/day Cayanne Fruit

I’m also limiting myself to one ejaculation every 5-7 days.
I do have occasional morning wood but I have to use between 5 and 10mg of Levitra to get an erection sufficient to jelq or masturbate.
I recently had my testosterone level checked and it was at 297. Tomorrow I go see my physician again to presumably start something to elevate my testosterone levels.
It’s hard to say with any certainty whether or not my EQ has improved on the supplements. I have noticed that there is less volume in my ejaculate and they are less forceful.
My main goal at this time is to improve EQ. The last time we had sex my spouse complained that it “felt bigger” (I’m quite sure there was no change in size) and “hurt” and we haven’t tried since. It’s already hard enough to get laid in this marriage without adding something else for her to object too.

My questions are

1) I think I’m overdoing it on the supplements and would like some feedback on that if any one has any thoughts.

2) Has any body experienced a loss of force and quantity in their ejaculations?

3) Anybody have any experience with Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Thanks in advance.

1. Cut out a supplement and see what effects it has on you. Repeat for other supplements, and systematically work out which are doing you good or having no effect. Also… it will get tricky if 2 or more are acting in conjunction to improve some aspect of health. I don’t see anything too terrible in that list though. ;) Nothing beats a healthy diet though!

2 and 3. Do a search. I have read about this on the forum before. Don’t forget to let the doc know about your supplements before doing something about your T levels. I hope someone will chime in on this here if they have investigated/ experienced these 2 points.

Great to hear that you are doing your cardio and weights. Give it time to have an effect on you. You may be tired physically as you are just into the new regime. Plus you have been sick. With a little luck you’ll hit a certain tipping point and see big improvements.

As for not getting laid by your wife… That’s a whole other thread altogether! But getting healthy and active is sure gonna help.:)

Good luck GeeDub.

Thanks very much everyone.

I met with my doc today. My blood pressure was up 148/98 on the first check and 140/92 on the second. He noted that my BP has been elevated on my previous two visits in the past 3 months. Noting that I haven’t lost any weight since starting working out he is also wondering about my thyroid. I was already scheduled for a full physical on 4-12 so next week I’m going in for a full blood panel to take a look at my blood pressure, thyroid and testosterone. I think I’m also going to DC all supplements until after my physical. That way we can have a baseline of where everything is at. As far as the weights and cardio go I’ll keep the cardio at a minimum of 3x/week and adjust my weight training to once a week for upper body and once for lower body.

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