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Newbie with Early Gains

Newbie with Early Gains

Here is my story: I have the “average” 6” penis. I am a bit nice in the girth dept at 5.5” but I admittedly suffer from porn-induced penis envy. I know its not rational. And I am told by every woman I am with that I have a great penis and am really good in bed with it. But like many guys here, I just seem to want more. Also, I am a grower, and I would like to be a shower.. But here are a few interesting, and opposing facts that led me to try PE. 1) my girlfriend who LOVES my penis and LOVES our sex and says that its by FAR the best sex she ever has had once mentioned in passing that her prior boyfriend has a “MONSTER” cock. I almost died when I heard that. But she swears that mine feels better and also she claims he never lasted more than two minutes inside her, so she never even got to enjoy it, if in fact bigger is somehow better. You may ask why she mentioned her prior boyfriends size to me? Well, I honestly think she was so unimpressed with his skills and so impressed with mine (and she told me that all the time) that she assumed I would draw the logical conclusion that size for HER doesn’t matter. Well, its easy to say, but this is not a logical issue for most of us. Me included. So I was pretty upset when I heard this 2) my girlfriend has never been with a grower before.. She always had showers and she says she likes this better.why? Because she says its super erotic to watch it get bigger and bigger (or feel it in her mouth growing). She says the feedback is very very exciting for her. But here is the kicker, and the reason why I am going to do PE.. A few months ago I bought a huge dildo to use on her. Basically 8X6.5. Really big and thick. And I fucked her with the dildo and she seemed to love it. She took it all in without any problem or pain or anything. At that moment I just knew I had to try this.

So, I Started about 8 weeks ago. I just do the Newbie routine. Started at 6” BPEL and am at 6.25 BPEL already. (I am aware that most if not all of this is just the “hidden” penis being pulled out but not real growth). Regardless, from the routine my EQ is so much better than before I started. Amazingly, out of nowhere the other day, my girlfriend (she has ZERO idea I am doing PE) said “Honey, I know this sounds crazy but I think your penis got bigger” right after we had sex. Is it the extra quarter inch? Doubtful. Is it the much improved EQ? Almost certainly. So regardless of if I ever grow another millimeter, this PE deal is working for me. This was a huge boost to my motivation to keep going. Also, I am in between a grower and shower already (cemented? Doubtful.. But I can see where this is going). I started at basically a turtle head when flaccid no matter how warm it was and now I am 4” flaccid when I am warm. Again, I know this is just skin stretching and hidden penis.. But its all good. No complaints here at all.

Thanks for all the info here. I am still skeptical about the concept of being able to gain two inches from my starting length and have an 8 inch penis one day, but for sure the early enlargement is awesome and the stories here are compelling.

-Cheers, SIS

Hello there! Welcome to the board :)

Great progress dude. Keep working and hopefully you will get more results.

I am around your size so I know what it feels like to be “good” and yet want some more.

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