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Newbie with blisters?

Newbie with blisters?

Hey Everyone,

This is an awesome site. I started a routine 3 weeks ago that included the hot wraps and jelqing for 5-10 minutes. I’m currently at 15 mionutes. I figured I’d add more excersizes in the next week or 2. Anyhow, since I started, I’ve noticed what appear to be tiny red dots on the underside of my head and tiny little blisters (bumps?) at the end of the underside of my shaft, just beneath the head. It’s started itching somewhat too. Is this normal or am I jelqing too hard? Each jelq lasts 2-3 seconds.

Thanks for your help.

Hey richj,

Nice to meet you.

Little red pinpricks are ok, when you head into raised bump territory it can be because you are pushing too hard or warming up insufficiently. If you notice the same raised spots continualy, its probably best to take a short rest period to allow healing of this weakness. Its important not to push too fast too soon.

A little itching is probably OK after a session. It is just after a session right?

Hope that helps.

Hey Memento,

Thanks for the fast reply. It was itching quite a bit lately but that seems to have subsided. I think I’ll give it a rest until next week then start again, maybe a little gentler. For warmup, I have been using a heating pad set on high pressed into my crotch while wearing underwear. I do that for about 15 minutes. Afterwards, my penis feels quite warm and is a bit red. It is not painful. Do you think that’s enough?

Thanks again for the advice!

I’ve never used an electric heating pad but others do successfully. I’ve used a gel pad and though it warmed thoroughly it wasn’t the quality warmup that a standard warm wrap is. 15 mins sounds fine, try to massage a bit during the warmup.

Thanks! Wish me luck!

Good luck and good gains.

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