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Newbie with a question

Newbie with a question

Hi, i’ve been doing PE for one week, following the newbie routine from this forum, and i could say i’ve already seen some flacid gains and hardness. I had not masturbated since i started the program but i did today after the jelq session, and i felt it took me much longer to ejaculate, like if it was hold there coming slow… and when it happened, it didn’t come strong and long like it did before the program. It is supposed for the PC excercises to help with this, so i think it has something to do with it. I’ve not had any pain/injury from the routine, and i’ve been doing the jelqing with the proper 40-60% erection. The second day of the program i felt the hardness in the PC, and since then it’s getting harder and no pain/problems, so i think it could be that the muscle is tired??

thanks for your help :D

Hi vergudo,

Very good to meet you :)

Try leaving a gap maybe between jelqing and masturbating. After jelqinq the penis has been through quite an ordeal and often the post jelq expansion seems to press on the urethra, so its not surprising that the ejeculate has a harder job traversing the penis. If you leave a gap your penis will start to loose its post jelq plumpness and ejaculation should be easier.

The time you should leave between jelqing and later having sex or masturbating is often suggested as 2 hours, but see what works for you.

Do you find it harder to urinate in a straight line directly after jelqing?

i haven’t tried but i don’t have any problem with urinating in a straight line

I only meant after a session. What haven’t you tried. I’m confused.

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