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Newbie with a Hope

Newbie with a Hope

Hi all!
I’ve been watching this place for a while and finally got the courage to give it a shot! I’ll look through the Newbie Primer for what I need, but I wonder how everyone felt when they first started out.

And what about now?

Anyway, I’m up for any advice anyone can provide! I hope I improve!

I’d say I felt somewhat excited. Welcome to the Forum.

I worried for months I would ruin my dick after the first jelq, after much sweat and plenty of deep reflections I finally went ahead and giggled in ecstasy .

My advice will be this one, keep things simple, dring the first two-three months read a lot (“physiological indicators”, “less is more”) , be patient, and never change a routine which works.

Don’t believe more intense exercises and a greater workload will yield more gains.

>never change a routine which works<

Words to live by.

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Excited and hopeful. No matter what PE path you take make sure you are consistent and ready to stick with it for the long run. Also, take things slow. Build up the intensity of any routine slowly but surely.

ykm123321 is the owner of the gripping trainer website. He also surreptitiously posted here as LetsGrow123 in an effort to promote that site. Please take any product endorsements as very likely to be biased.

Thanks, folks! I did worry whether or not I’d break my “weaponry” but I think I’ll take this time to read and learn.

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