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Newbie With A Few Questions

Newbie With A Few Questions

Brand new to PE so I’m following the newbie routine. My questions are as follows; how long do I follow that routine for a month? 2? What should I look into after I’ve put in enough time with that routine? And I’ve read on numerous threads about small red dots or essentially burst capillaries visibly on the penis after workouts. I have not experienced this. Does this mean I am not doing something properly or is this for more advanced PE practice? Any response would be awesome. Thanks in advance.

I think the answer to how long to spend in basic program is listed on newbie routine. 3 months is not unreasonable. Don’t worry about problems you don’t have. More answers are available with search function.

Lol. Some guys talk about it as if its a sign of doing something right. If its a problem to have that show up than I’m fine that it hasnt. Thanks for the response.

I get them sometimes but they go away promptly. There’s been times when I dont keep an eye on my dick during training that ill get a large dark one. At that point I stop, and put heat on it while gently massaging it off between my fingertips.

Welcome to the forum Jvt2014!

Spend a bare minimum of 3 months doing the newbie routine. Don’t be in any hurry to move on because the newbie routine may be all you need for quite a while. A lot of guys get virtually all the gains they want with it. (Or with a slightly modified version.)

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