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Newbie wishes length, girth OK

Newbie wishes length, girth OK

I am a newbie and looking for some guidance as I am just starting out. My measurements are 6.0” BPEL and 5.4” girth measured erect at mid shaft. I have never PE but happy with the girth. But would like to increase my BPEL to 7”, if possible. I’ve read the LOT theory and I believe I have a low LOT (7:30) this little scope for quick gains. I was wondering if anyone can suggest a program suitable to my objectives?

Thanks in advance.

Do the newbie routine for 6 months and you’ll be done. Good luck.

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Newbie routine is where its at. Despite the name, it usually has the fastest results, we like to call them newbie gains! I have been PE’ing for a few years, and after a long deconditioning break where I did no PE, I started back with the newbie routine again. It is simple and effective, many people swear by it.

Best wishes!

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Do the newbie routine(do a search for it). If you want length more than girth, then do your jelqing with a low erection level(10-30%) as appose to a higher one(like 40-70%).

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Thanks all, I did read the newbie program and I think I can make the time commitment. Is it true that if you gain in length, your TUG angle increases? On a different note, thanks man-of-10 on your specific advice on jelqing erection level at 10-30% to encourage length. I don’t recall reading this anywhere. I am so excited about the whole think but right now I am in the “closet” I.e. My wife has no idea what I am up to. I am also curious, as the growth will come gradually (hopefully) she;ll incrementally get used to it. I wonder what is the general experience in this, I.e. How does your partner behave as time goes on?

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