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newbie want help

newbie want help


Im damn glad I found this site today! I found a manual at the web about penis enlargement. And after reading it, I did the jelqing exersise for 10 minuts every day in a week. After that week I moved up to 30 minutes a week. (so I have done this in 2 weeks now)…

I searched this forum trying to find out what excersises to do. Is jelqing enough to do when I want to enlarge 1” or 2” or more both erected and not?

Its so much information in here, so its difficult to find out whats right for me.

Best thing you can do for yourself is keep doing what you’re doing while you read read and read some more here. Make sure you do a search on Bib’s LOT theory, read it, understand it, figure out your LOT, then start asking questions… Good Luck.

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You are already doing 30 min jelq? Thats one hell of a progression. You should maintain that and not go for more or you may over train and gain nothing. However you should work up to 15 min or so of stretches a day.

Do yourself a favor and do a good set of bone pressed and non bone pressed length measurements as well as erect girth and flaccid hang.

look at the bottom of the page, you can track your progress at sizemasters pe data site.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

hmmm… as Im not that good in english I got some problems understanding everything at this site.

what kind of stretches sould I do? where to find info on how to do them?

bone pressed and non bone pressed length measurements??
erect girth??
flaccid hang??

I told you, Im a new-new-new-newbie… hehe =)

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