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Newbie using ADS

Newbie using ADS

Hello forum!
I started PE about 3 weeks ago.been doing some reading but figure I’d ask a few basic questions :)

1. Can a new comer start using ADS right away? Or should I do some conditioning before doing starting ADS, and if so, how long?
2. I am uncut. What would you guys recommend as an ADS for uncut guys? Would some variation of a vacuum type be good? I also read wantsmore’s thread regarding the golf weights, is that an option or PE weights from monty?
3. At what point can I start hanging? I started to do a little bit of hanging this week, but maybe it’s too soon? Should I do some more beginners workouts before going into something like hanging? I want to do this correctly to avoid any injuries but I also have alot of privacy at home so I can dedicate some major time as needed.

Thanks for any input you guys may have. Here’s to the beginning of a quest for the big one ;)

Anyone? :)

ADS should be possible. Some ppl start extending right away, I did after 3 months or so.

2) No idea, I’m cut. Vacuum is quite comfy, but you have to watch your glans anyways, so I wouldn’t just rely on this. Mix it up maybe, but not just vac.

3) Wait some more. Get/build a quality hanger.

IMO you can get started with an ADS as the about of force that is exerted on your penis is very low. Just be vigilant of any sensations that doesn’t feel right, and check up on it often.

I’m uncut and I use the extender as my form of ADS. I can only stand keeping that thing on for an hour or so, and I need to take it off and jelq/massage some fresh blood into my penis.

If you’re going to start hanging, start with low low weights. Again, always monitor and be aware of the state of your penis.

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I am uncut and use a vacuum ADS, no problems wearing it very hours and hours, but that is dependent on your taping technique at least from my own experience

Thanks for the responses guys! Ash234 what vacuum ADS are you using?

I’ve been researching different types of ADS and only found a TLC tugger and Vacextender. Can anyone comment on either or suggest any other alternatives?

The ad says you can wear the extender all day. Can anyone do that? Can you see it through your pants?

I use vac extender for 10-12 hours a day but i stopped because i get discoloration of the tip of the head due to the fluid buildup. Idea how should i prevent it?

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