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Newbie unsure..

Newbie unsure..

I’ve been following the forum for the past few weeks.. Looks interesting.. A few years ago I tried a vac pump for like an hour at a time, 4 months later and it did squat for me.. BTW I was un married and lived alone at the time, so I could use it in relative privacy. I was 6 3/4” and after i finished the 4 months with the pump I was at 7 1/2” at the end of a session.. wierd.. After about a few hours or so I was back at the 6 3/4”.. So I gave up.. But after reading the forum I think hanging might be a good way to go, but I’d like to know what the average time is for someone to start hanging with about 5 hours a week (can’t do much more than that cause I’m married {hiding} and have my little brother living with me.) could get an inch with just hanging.. ?? Anyone done this already? Really I guess do you guys that have done this think that this would really be worth my time to do, and somthing that I can acomplish without totally devoting my live to it?

Thanks in advance..

Hey obelix

Yes it can be done.
You can add an inch or more as many here have done. I am not hanging, and my gains come from manual exercises, namely stretching, jelqing, and squeezes.
You may want to concentrate on these first for a while before you move on to hanging (and since you have to “hide” you will not have the problem of explaining the special equipment ).

No you don’t have to devote your life to it - LOL - but still you’ll have to adopt a routine and stick to it and of course it will take some time on you schedule.

Maybe someone who is hanging will respond on the issue of hanging.

Anyway to answear your question, getting a bigger dick is definitely worth the time invested, don’t you think?

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Let’s be honest 5 hours isn’t much but I’m only doing 6-7 at the moment (per week). But then if you can hang 2-3 hours a day, that’s still only around 15 a week.

Another possibility is additional exercises. If you can’t hang much, how about some squeezes, manual stretching, jelqing etc as well? An inch with hanging is feasible, yet obviously the longer you hang the more the gain.


Yeah, if you are stressed for time hanging isn’t going to give you the impact that you want as will other exercises. Of course, you mentioned length, but is that what you want and not some girth?

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