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Newbie trying to begin, but confused

Newbie trying to begin, but confused

Hey guys,

I am just starting out with PE, but I am really confused on what to start with. I have read both the Newbie Routine and the Linear Newbie Routine and it seems like the “less is more” argument is at least best to start off with. I have tried to apply elements of both routines and I would really appreciate it if you can take a look.

1. 5 minutes hot wrap
2. 30 sec pull in each direction (down, up, left, right, forward) [Do not begin until after 2 weeks, then add one per week]
3. 3 minutes jelq (3 seconds each) ~60 [add 10 every week]
4. 5 minutes hot wrap
5. 20 kegels of five second holds each

Schedule: 2 days on / 1 day off

Does this look like a good routine to start with? Should I do less/more jelqs? I am eager to begin, but I do not want to injure myself.

Please let me know what you think.
Thank You

Also, I have heard people gain a lot just from stretching. Should I wait to begin stretching or begin right away? If so, how much should I do?

Well I did my first PE tonight. Instead of 3 minutes I ended up doing 5 minutes. After my PE session it appeared that the blood vessels were a lot larger. Is this a good thing? However, after I did my warm down it seems like a Neutral PI “temporary penis contraction” has occurred. Hopefully, I will notice a positive PI tomorrow. I would really appreciate a response if possible.

Attention Mods: If you see this I would really appreciate if you could move this to the Progress Reports section and change the title to “Legacy28’s Progress Report”. I would like to keep my progress on the site, but I am unable to post in there. Thanks!

When I started, I began stretching immediately and did not see any negative pi’s. Your routine is good to start with, just be sure to stick with it.

As for the temporary contraction, be sure you aren’t jelqing too hard. If you still have a problem tomorrow take a day off. If you have morning wood, then you likely didn’t do any harm. Just listen to your body and don’t get too anxious. Less can be more.

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I started off stretching right form the beginning as well, so I don’t see a problem in doing so either. Also, the “temporary penis contraction” COULD be that you’re using too much heat during your warm down, which will cause turtling.

Originally Posted by firegoat
It is important not to get use too much heat for the warm down. The purpose of the warm down is to encourage ‘hang’, so you want your penis to feel warm and comfortable. Using too much heat can actually cause turtling, because your penis wants to be at natural body heat, so it will reduce it’s surface area. If your penis is already still warm at the end of your exercises, you do not need to do a specific warm down. Just try to keep it extended as it returns to body temperature.

Plenty of heat is useful for making the tissues as malleable as possible before and during exercises, but is too much for encouraging maximum hang after a session.

Cool Down - YES You NEED It!

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Welcome. Good work!

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Thanks for the replies. I did notice a positive effect in the hardness of my erections today, I believe that is a positive PI. The temporary contraction is gone and I do believe it is because the water was too hot during my warm down. I will try with a cooler temp of water today.

As for the stretching, should I just begin by doing it in one direction and then adding one direction every week? Or just go for all directions?

Even though I stay in hot country. I prefer to use a warmer hot cloth wrap because this will do the magic.

Hey guys, so I had my second PE session tonight. For my warm up / warm down I am using a cup full of water that I kind of “put” my penis into. Is this okay to use? Basically, I make it hot for the warm up and by the time I get to the warm down it has cooled down a bit and is good for that.

Secondly, I am really unsure if I am applying enough pressure. I do see my blood vessels getting bigger so does that mean I am doing it right? Should I be putting enough pressure so that it feels like I am constricting the penis?

Your warm up/down method is fine. Seems quite a few people use that method.

As for the jelqing, increased vascularity is good. You should be able to visibly see your glans swelling when you are moving your grip forward. You shouldn’t be squeezing so hard that it is hard to move your grip forward, but you should also not have a loose grip. You will have to spend some time practicing and trying different amounts of pressure. Nobody can tell you exactly what you need to do as everyone’s body responds differently.

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The important part of the warm up/cool down is in the application of heat to encourage expansion of blood vessels and relaxation of tendons. Using a cup of warm or hot water should be fine as long as you aren’t scalding yourself. Part of my routine includes turning up the heat in my morning shower, filling a cup with water and putting my penis in it much as you’ve described.

As to the pressure problem I’m of a couple theories. First, too much pressure is bad. Forcing too much blood in too soon is every bit as detrimental as if you tried to drop and do the splits right now. You need to ease into the routine. Second, too little pressure is bad. For the most part this isn’t usually an issue because as we start jelqing we tend to see the physical response of erection. So far I’ve noticed two body queues which I follow when jelqing. Sometimes at the surface skin level I get a bit of an abrasion or rash due to the exercises. When it happens I take it to mean that I’m not using proper lubrication and am causing skin irritation. Solution, use more/better lube. Other times I’ve noticed light pain from within my penis, usually after a workout and the few hours afterward. In that case I allow time for the pain to subside and don’t continue with the routine until it’s gone.

I think the biggest key is listening to your body. Pay attention to how your penis feels after your workout. If it hurts, stop for awhile. If you aren’t feeling like you’ve gotten a decent workout, you probably haven’t. Over time you’ll find the middle ground where you’re confident that you’re doing it right and not hurting yourself along the way. Remember that you only have one dick, you don’t want to cause an injury by being over enthusiastic. Better to take it slow and learn as you go than to go too fast and have a life time of regrets.

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Thickhouse - You rock! Good advice!

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