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Newbie to thunders not to clamping

Newbie to thunders not to clamping

I’ve been pe’ing over 2 1/2 months seriously but started about a year ago jelqing 2-3 days a week on a not so consistent basis. It seemed like every other month I would do it on a every other day basis if that makes sense. Anyways, I’ve been clamping (using 2 clamps at base) and from searching past threads most have said that clamping only increases girth. Well I noticed that when I clamp my length increases about .3 when clamped to the max. Do you think this will equate to length and girth gains since the penis is expanding both length and girth wise?

Just something I’ve noticed over the past week and a half of clamping.

I’ve gotten much better flaccid hangs and more lig pops when I manual stretch with my clamping routine. EG has increased .25.

Lig-pos are not related with any kind of gains, as far as I know. And clampig will toghten your penis, so future gains will be hard to achieve.

How about doing the newbie routine?

I’ve tried the newbie routine for 2 weeks and it just isn’t for me. The routine I’m doing now has been successful and my girlfriend has told me “your cock is growing I can feel the difference every week.” We see each other about every 2 weeks so I assume the routine I’m doing which varies day to day is working. I will continue with this program until I cease the enlargement process.

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