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Newbie to the game

Newbie to the game

Hey guys hows it going? I fond this site about 2weeks ago and just became a member today. I’m trying to start a pe but it’s alot out there and I don’t know what to go with. I’m really trying to get my head bigger but what do you guys recommend and what are y’all doing for pe thanks

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Hi lb76st, welcome to Thunder’s.:)

What do you mean by pm? There’s PM (private messages) and PM (PeniMaster) but it seems your ‘pm’ is neither of these…:-k

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Starter Pics/Clamping Pics

Sorry about that. I was trying to say pe but ill fix it

Hey Man, Welcome aboard. I am also new. I just signed up last week. If I was you, I’d just go thru this newbie area and learn everything you can. That’s what I’m doing. There is a lot to learn. There is a newbie routine that everyone seems to be suggesting. You may check it out and see how that works for you while you are deciding on your main plan. Good Luck

Welcome aboard, lb76st. When I first joined Thunders, I read the newbie routine and started the next day. Graywolf’s advice is sound. Do the newbie while you educate yourself. There are even videos available now to download if you need a demonstration! While you spend the next few months learning more about the site, advanced excercises, and participating in forums, you’ll be spending valuable time conditioning your unit! Think of the newbie routine as THE shortcut to success. Six months from now you’ll be passing that advice on to others!

Good luck!

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You should start with the newbie routine just to get your tool used to the exercise it`s going to get.


Newbie Routine

K good looking out guys.. Dam I hate reading, one more ? Tho whats up with some guys using pills, PEing and pumps at the same time ain’t that a Lil much?

Hey Slender.

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I finally realized it was a womans backside.

Did anyone else think this?

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