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Newbie to PE

Newbie to PE

I have just decided to start PE because of recent erectile problems from long term effexor use. I was taking the drug for PTSD but have decided to come off of it and have successfully been off for over a month now. I have had major problems sexually however as a side effect. I am only 32 and have never had any other problems and have had a good sex life. I bought a la pump with gauge and have decided to follow the outline in vacuum pumping basics. I hope to fix my problems as well as grow since I am doing the work. My basic measurements are erect 6.2 inch length and 4.8 inch girth. My main goal is to get back to normal in the sack but I am thinking a good goal for growth would be 6.5 inch length and 5 inch girth. I have the pumping down but I am wondering what is the best beginner starting jelqs. There are a lot of different types and what I basically did was the v type I think with the ok grip. I have started doing 5 minutes after 10 minutes of pumping with about 10-15 minutes in between. Anyway look forward to working out any feedback appreciated.

Side effexor

Yeah no kidding

I have to admit though it did help me to calm down and spend quality time with my family without being a jerk all of the time. I have been on ssri’s for probably four or five years and I am ready to make the next step and use cognitive thinking. The side effects are brutal though when coming off nothing like I have ever experienced. Thanks for the link.

Are you being medically winged off them or stopping them cold turkey on your own? If on your own be careful, some medications can be dangerous to stop suddenly. Relapse can happen without warning, emotional instability, and other medical problems can occur if stopped suddenly. This does not happen in all cases, but still be on the side of caution.

Cold turkey

I tapered off a little at first and then did it cold turkey but I have been off of effexor for going on 5 weeks. The mental side effects are finally subsiding but the physical ones are still present. I have read lots of online blogs about it and many people say side effects can last up to a year but in most cases it seems they are gone in about 2-3 months. Thank you for the advice as I will certainly pay close attention to my moods until I am completely out of the woods.


I am stunned that after only one week my ed from effexor has improved dramatically. I know that the longer I am removed from effexor the more it will correct itself on its own but literally two weeks ago I could not maintain an erection for more than a few minutes and I just maintained one in sex for around 10 minutes only one week after PE. This crap really seems to work I am hanging much lower and fuller than normal as well. I am all in and as I saw on somebody else’s post officially growing a monster lol. I have been doing the newbie routine as well as mixing in the beginner pumping routine. I do have one question for later on when would be a good time frame to introduce clamping with pumping if this is advisable at all.

VR Jeff

It’s good to hear you are getting your man piece back in shape, ED can really get ya down. Keep up the routines and you should be golden.

5.75 BPEL 5.00 EG as of 2/2014

Goal is 7-8" BPEL and 5.5 EG

So I am confused if I should do the ok grip for newbie or C grip?

I started with the ok grip and switched to the c grip. I would recommend the c grip, puts more pressure on the sides where you want it and seem like it reduces the chances of injury some.

~No Worries~

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