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Newbie to PE

Newbie to PE

Hmm glad I found out about this place it gives me a goal in life now =)

Well hello I guess,I’m new to this whole dealy.
I’m about 7.5(I’ve shrunken recently it used to be 7.89)by 5ish(it shrinks before I can get the measuring tape wraped around it :P),and dissatisfied with my size.
My Goal would be 8ish by 7ish(since the male average size is 6x5 :P)inches :D

Lets see when I’m totaly engorged I’m just shy of 8 inches and my head gets fairly larger than the shaft.
But I’m on medication now(anti-depressents) and I seldom even get errections anymore(I’m doing an accurate measurement the next time though I will put them on the pe sheet),and I’ve lost some size from severe lack of use :/

Anyway I want to start these exercises to increase my size again and get a stronger penis,I’ve read that “Hardness Factor” in that mainstream magazine while in a waiting room once,intresting stuff and I scored well on it :) I wanna be the best I can be :)

So I don’t know what exercises to start out with, Jelqing and Sadsak Slinking seem to be good since I mostly want girth but I’m not sure,anyone got any help?

If you are on an SRRI antidepressant, ask your doctor if something like Wellbutrin would work for you instead. Wellbutrin usually doesn’t give the negative sexual fallout the SRRI drugs have a reputation for. This will be your doctor’s call, though. Wellbutrin does not treat all forms of depression.



Avoid the Sadsak Slinky for now ( and maybe forever ).

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