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Newbie Theory

Newbie Theory

First let me introduce myself, I am 41 and Asian, through the years of drinking and smoking (more during the stock market crash) I went through some kind of mid-life crises.

I knew that my sex power was going down hill and decided to find a way to gain it back. Started in November 2002 with some PE pay site, my intention was to get my stamina back. My measurements starting were 4.75L x 4.5g. Currently 5.12L x 5G.

I tried everything and got almost everything including weaker erections.

Found this forum and read almost all of the past post, changed my routine in January.

Here is my theory, my erection have gotten much stronger to where it points straight up. When I push it down the only thing restraining is the ligaments on the base top. I measured the underside and found a 7.25L from the head to my balls.

I believe after max. stretching of the ligaments this will be my max. length. What do you guy think. This site is great, want to contribute some of my opinions

hi stocktrader8 nice to meet you.

Nope you can stretch the tunica too (and probably will). In fact I tend to concentrate stretching on the tunica by stretching at an upward angle using a form of inverted v-stretch.

If you haven’t read the hangers forum yet its very worthy of a read (it covers all this stuff). If by almost every post you mean the hangers forum too then I guess you know this :)

Nice post. Its good to know that some people read before posting :D

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Thanks for the reply,

Yes I have done some search in the hangers forum. I plan to try hanging once I hit somekind of plato.

Learned my lesson, “Slow and steady” thats the way.

Welcome stocktrader8!

Originally posted by stocktrader8

Learned my lesson, “Slow and steady” thats the way.

Nicely said. That’s my approach, also.

Do a search on tunica that will bring up all the relevent articles :)

The hangers forum is great for technical detail about stretching and the pumpers forum is great for technical detail (period) .

I guess philisophy is a good thought at this stage but why the violence? He’s dead anyway.

Yup slow and steady avoids injury but I think you still have to push it a bit ocassionaly.

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Read a past post and my routine is 10-15 min. Jelq 5 days making sure I get a good pump and 2-3 stretch 5 min. sessions per week with intense keagle every 2 days.

Great results so far in past 2-3 months, got my stamina back.

Sounds like a good routine. I assume it contains a warmup somewhere along the line.

Yeah results are the way to judge efficacy.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Yes most definit ly, 5-10 min. hot wrap or till I feel it get pliable and slightly larger. Without it you can’t get that good pump when you jelq, I tried it cold, not good.

Finish with hot shower with the last few minutes increasing the heat and use the shower head only.

Noticed without the last warm down you don’t keep the pump afterwards.

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