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newbie stretch question

newbie stretch question

One thing I really want to improve is flacid hang…I started doing stretches for 2 days and it seems like after I am done, I have even more pullback then before I started. It seems like my ligs are strengthening and pulling back harder. What do I do? Will this change?

Are you using a heat pad, before and after?

Before I am. What exactly will that do for me? How will it be any different once I finish with the heat pad?

Seems like it would help keep the ligs loose at the time, but doesn’t seem like it would have a lasting effect after the heat pad.

The after-heat seems to really help me. I notice a better flaccid hang the next day.


here’s the trick and I learned that years ago during physical therapy. The ligs stretch only during excercise combined with heat, at the same time.

Let’s say you warm up in the shower…by the time you padded yourself dry most of the internal heat is gone. Ligs are more stretchable when under constant heat, so either do your stretching in the morning under a hot shower, with a pre-heat of that area, as hot as you can stand, or in the evenings, with another heat source that’s easily applied, like an infrared heating lamp for deep-tissue heating, available at Walgreens for about $25.

Check it out…

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Uncut4Big, thanks for the input. I hadn’t thought about infrared. It just dawned on me that I already have an infrared heat/massage device tucked away somewhere. I’ll have dig it out and give it a try.

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