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Newbie Starting Out

Newbie Starting Out

Hi there guys :)

My names Sam. Looked thoroughly through the forum and I’m excited to start my journey with hopefully plenty of gains!

My measurements which I have quickly made are:

4.5 EG

I’ll complete more thorough measurements when I get the time.

I’d really appreciate everyone’s feedback on my current package - how does this fair before I begin my journey?

Thanks a lot guys

Sam :)

Hi there Casius Sam!

Looks like you’re ever so slightly above average in length, perfectly average in girth. We have starters in all shapes and sizes as well as gainers in that same range ;)

But that doesn’t matter anywhere near as much as your progress towards your goals and how you’re feeling about it! Plus it’s a fun hobby.

I’d recommend starting with a newbie routine as indicated at the top of the PE basics front page, read this thread Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth! and probably this one Advice I wish someone had given me when I first started.

Keep us updated in the progress reports section, good luck!

Feb 2016: 173 mm BPEL (6.81") 132 mm MEG (5.20")

March 11th '17: 190 mm BPEL (7.48") 135 mm MEG (5.32")

Goal: A sustained 7.7" by 5.8" during intercourse

Whey Sam!

Welcome to Thunders.

It is always recommended to start with a beginners routine and continue with it for 90 days or until you stop gaining. Start slowly and build up to the full routine over a few weeks.

Jelq with an erection level between 40 and 70%. When stretching, grab your shaft about one inch below the glans and do not pull too hard, just enough to to feel a slight stretch. Let your PIs be your guide as to how hard to peruse your routine.

Dont forget to take good starting measurements and photos so you have a solid base to compare your gains to.

PE safely and good luck with your endeavors.

Start 11/09 BPEL: 5.5", EG: 4.4"

Current. BPEL: 6:4", EG: 5.5"

You have a good size. To put things in perspective, this thread does better than most I’ve found.

Invisible’s Progress Thread: Hoping to Become Visible

My thread has a few ideas as well.

4/16 BPEL 7.2 MSEG 6.0

1/17 BPEL 7.75 MSEG ~6.2 BEG 6.75

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