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Newbie says hello

Newbie says hello

Hello to you all,

My name is Alex, 44 years old from The Netherlands, Europe
I stumbled across PE enlargement while surfing the internet and it got my attention.
After 3 days of exploring and reading I decided to join in and start the newbie program (jp’s 90 days beginner program)

Here is my story:

Only after reading the psychological frustrations of other members, I realized I have been suffering from the same frustrations.
During puberty my male friends used to laugh at me when showering after sports, they even gave me a nickname: Cornuco, which is the brand name of a curled chip (looks like a cashew nut)
I don’t know if they sell this in the USA, but I hope you know what a cashew nut looks like.
Until this date I have this nickname as my hotmail account. (Writing this made me decide to delete this account)
As an excuse I always laughed back at them saying that I have intelligence compared to them (which I have), and told them
Girls don’t want big dicks, they want a bright guy, financially succesfull and able to support a family.
After that period the male friends also started doing fitness/body building, again I said that this is for the “empty brains”.
Well, the facts are: They got the “Pamela Anderson” chicks and are more succesfull in live then I am..
Shure I had girls, but they allways were the 2nd choice as I never was confident enough and to shy to make contact with the really nice chicks.

Only since 1 week I started to realize that my frustration had it’s impact on so many things in life:
- Career, I never was “confident” about myself which allowed others to have career progress.
- Sexlife, thinking about it now made me think that it has always been like I had to “prove” something instead of relaxing and enjoying it. I didn’t want the girl to hurt me by saying I had a small one.

Well, I can go on and on about the impact it had on my life.

Let’s hope PE works for me and opens the way to a new, less frustrated life.

I will keep you posted about my progress.

Here are my starting stats:
BPEL: 5 7/8”
MSEG: 4 7/8”
BPFL: 4 3/4”
MSFG: 4 1/4”


Welcome to the forum and the world of PE.

You need to know before you start that you have an average size penis, not a small one at 5 7/8” x 4 7/8.” This is depending on what data you decide you compare against. Look at Wikipedia “penis size.”

I hope you reach your goals.

Good luck and happy gains,

4Foreskin ;)

Welcome, I am fairly new to this, although I’ve heard this site for some time

Welcome to Thunders and good luck to you.

Started: BPEL 6.75" MSEG 4.75", Now: BPEL 7.75" MSEG 5.438", Goal: BPEL 8" MSEG 6"

Welcome Alex and thanks for sharing your story. Good luck in achieving your goals.

Word of advice: Do lots of research to empower yourself.

Hi and welcome.

As you have noticed, we have plenty more than “just” making your wee-wee bigger. Keep us posted on how the PE goes but check out the other stuff as well and go ahead and talk about your job, love life, etc., as well.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Many thanks

Thanks for the warm welcome


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