Newbie says Hello and problem with erection maintaining during Jelq

Hello everyone !

Few weeks ago I discovered this awesome site and yesterday, finally started Newbie routine after reading as much as possible.
Short start bout me - Michael from Poland, 21, month after proposal and happy in the relationship for over 3 years.
Few months ago we had some problems, connected even with her ex by my jealousy, started changing my life in the positive way. Lost about 20 pounds, changed my dressing code etc.
Before all of that I had some serious issues with to quick ejaculation and fixed it with pills from doctor but it came back after higher wrote problems. Tried to fix it with start-stop exercises and now after trying Jelq I’m a bit worried.
During sex its okay, I can maintain my erection without a problem, not sure now about how many % is that and if I can be “harder”.
To the point - right now I’m after my second Routine session and there is something wrong, either way during masturbating.

1) Masturbation - my penis becoming harder, like 70% and its problematic to keep him that way, if I stop its like 10 seconds and he goes to 40% or something.
2) Jelq - After a hot wrap starting getting the ~60% of erection(which is some kind problematic) and Jelq. 50-60 moves and I feel like its 30% and can’t do anything with that.
Feeling the blood inside, “the head” is being pumped but its all. After 3 minutes its even problematic to Jelq, can’t squeeze the basement hard enough.

I am sure the technique is not well, could do it better but I am really worried right now. I obviously use lubricant, its Durex “something warm up”, use it either to the masturbation.
Any advises from You guys ? Would really appreciate that