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Newbie saying hi


Thought I would join in the newbie “Hi”s. I’ve been lurking for months and learning a lot from all of the great people here. I was using an extender for 3-5 hours a day for about 2 months and, after seeing no results at all, started stretching and jelqing a few weeks ago. Since starting the manual exercises and ditching the stupid extender, I’ve gained 3/8” in length (BPEL) and a bit of girth (about 1/16” EG) and I’m looking much bigger flaccid (I’ve always been a severe shriveled flaccid grower). I started hanging yesterday and really feel it working. Seeing some progress is really exciting. Thanks to all the great people who have put all this information out there!

Congrats on the gains roosterstretch.

How long have you been doing the newbie routine for? If you’re currently gaining from manual exercises, I would think twice about changing anything for the time being (If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it). If you decide to hang anyways, make sure to do a ton of research on the topic!

Thanks for the advice Giant. To answer your question, I’ve been doing the newbie routine inconsistently for a couple of months and very consistently for a few weeks (nearly a month). I’ve done a lot of reading here about hanging and am starting very slowly (starting with a 20 minute set of 2.2 pounds using a shower cap type hanger). Really, what I’m doing is replacing the manual stretching with hanging, and I’ve decided to do this for a couple of reasons: 1) I have trouble maintaining my grip when stretching and despite trying baby powder, latex gloves and a theraband wrap, I can’t seem to get a good grip without squeezing so tightly that I bruise my penis; 2) I feel that, with hanging, the forces are known (I.e. I strap 2.2 pounds to my dick and this is a constant predictable and measured force), whereas with stretching the forces are really unknown which I think makes injury more likely; 3) I find that stretching with heat applied during the stretch feels more effective and this is easier to do with hanging; 4) it’s nice to be able to use my hands to get work done while hanging, so it’s more convenient; and 5) after giving hanging a try, I feel that my ligs are getting a MUCH better stretch with hanging that with manual stretches. At this point, I plan to do just what you said, stick with what’s working until it the gains stop, I’m just replacing the manual stretches with very similar hanging “stretches”. Does this sound reasonable to you?

Yep. Good luck!


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