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Newbie ?'s and greeting

Newbie ?'s and greeting

Hello i’m new to PE and just wanted to greet everybody this site looks fantastic and daunting at the same time.

Is this the best forum for inquiring about getting a starting routine for increasing size?

Thanks for your replys and answer everybody.

An old cat will claw and scratch

but a little pussy never heart anyone.

Welcome!!(wow i beat momento lol).I would say you found the best place on the web full of info and cool people to guide you through it all.Read all you can before starting.

Welcome Alex-

Here’s a link to a good, basic routine, but there are plenty around, just start looking.

Also worth looking at the forum guidelines.

Go slow and avoid injury. Best of Luck to you.

Welcome to the board, Alex!

Welcome Alex,

You definitely got to the best place on the planet for increasing your size. And if you’ll be persistent and devoted and keep a positive and optimistic attitude, increase your size you will!

My advice - read as much as you can, and then read some more. I envy you that you start this adventure now, it can really be exciting if you look at it this way and especially the first few months.

And if you haven’t done any PE yet, then I can tell you you are *very* lucky to start off in this forum. I wish I had!

retsnom - you only beat him cause he hasn’t been around yet today. Maybe he took the day off??? :cool:

lol. retsnom. As Breaker pointed out I wasn’t around. I’m getting strange cravings for lemonade, and it takes me a while to mix up a batch. Anyway it appears the DarkTrick and Braker are giving much better responses than I do.

Alex nice to see you here,

Consider joining the experiment you’ll find good easing in routines and be able to judge your progress against others who are/have done the same routines. All you have to do is pick group A or B :)

Originally posted by memento

Anyway it appears the DarkTrick and Braker are giving much better responses than I do.

Nonsense memento, you know it takes at least the two of us to fill up the void when you’re mixing your lemonade. :D

Sarcasm will get you everywhere, Braker ;)

I think you are being way too funny at the moment. I seem to have spent most of tonight here laughing due to your posts.


Sorry to slightly hijack your thread. You can see there are a good bunch of guys here, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time here and your gains.


hello everyone .
just an intro and a thankyou for this 5inchs long and about
the same in girth.after stumbling onto pj site i decided to have a
go at doing something about my size.i got a pj device and have just started out say 5days into shithouse on computers so the photo deal with the progress will be up to my dear wife to figure out.anyway gentlemen im brimming with beginners confidence and will have no hesitation asking questions when in
doubt .


Hi nulla good to see you here.

Watch out for the power jelq, its a forceful little thing and as such injuries when sustained seem to be worse. Try this search on powerjelq. You should probably learn how to jelq by hand properly and give yourself a couple of months before using the PJ. Whatever you do, don’t let the device hit the nerve bundle just below the glans on the top of the penis.

Good luck an good gains.

Hey Alex and “The Experiment” Moderators,

I’m new too in this forum and just started a routine a few days ago. I’ve been finding this site especially helpful, especially now that I’ve learned to use the “search” function and have gotten more comfortable posting.

I selected to do a routine very similar to “Group A” in The Experiment. The only change I decided to make was to increase the times 1 min/week instead of 5 min/month. I figure this is more gradual a shift. (Incidently, if anyone moderating “The Experiment” is reading this, would you still be interested in my results?)

Best of luck - and keep us posted! Us newbies need to stick together! Let’s keep this forum kicking.



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