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Newbie Routine?


Newbie Routine?


I am sorry, i did not find any tutorial threads collecting PE routines. I am brand new to PE and would like to hear your advice on how much to take in the beginning.

I want to start with stretch, jelq + kegel only.

Thanks for your advice

ps.: when streching, my hand often slips over my glans (i am not native english speaking, but i suggest the penis head is what you call “glans”). What should i do to avoid this? I am not circumcised.

ps2.: What are ligaments and what is tunica?

Thanks, this helps a lot.

But I think I’d rather start out with 10 min. of stretching because of the time needed between two 30 second stretches for “slapping” (right?).

I read the PE FAQs already, but they are of course not very persona-specific. Any tips for getting a good grip on “it” if you have much of foreskin? And concerning Jelq: I have a problem with skin of my “sack” (don’t know another word ^^) getting dragged into the “ok grip”. Any tips to avoid this?


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Start out with whatever amount of time feels comfortable. You will soon move up to using every spare minute to get a stretch in :D

I personally am circumcised, but baby powder is good for grip.

You could try using an overhand grip for jelqs.


I think your problems and solutions are as follows:

Hand slipping while stretching:
Make sure you are gripping the inner structures and not right behind the glans. Try a gripping aid, like rubber gloves or baby powder, these will reduce the amount your hand slips. To be honest though, it took me ages to work out how to manual stretch and I still don’t find it particularly easy. That’s why I hang.

10 minute stretching and slapping:
Stretch for whatever is comfortable. I think you must have got the slapping from another site, I have seen it elsewhere, but it doesn’t seem to be advocated here. You don’t have to do a set amount of slapping, personally I don’t think that it is very effective, try 10 slow jelqs instead. All you need to do is refresh the blood in your penis.

Too much skin!:
I too am uncut. Really finding a comfortable way to stretch is very personal. My advice is to sit in bed one sunday morning and try out as many different ways as you can and see which works for you. I vary my grip whenever I am manual stretching and none seems to be any better or worse than the rest.

As for sack skin while jelqing, you have to get used to it. Some people will pull the skin back after each stroke, I’ve tried this, but it just adds too much hassle. I just get on with it and deal with a bit of extra skin being pulled up. Just make sure that it is well lubed and treat it like normal skin.

Hope this helps.


I know what you mean about “Ball Skin” as uncut too. Lordbase can ignoring this problem and not pulling back not result in a ‘turkey neck’, though?

It can do, but it’s not something I’ve ever really been bothered by. Your skin will have to stretch somehow, I guess if you want to put in the effort to make sure it doesn’t stretch from the balls then go for it. Personally, I don’t think that the extra half inch (or inch at most) of ball skin that might creep up my shaft really makes that much difference.


Turkey Neck? I don’t mean my foreskin, but some skin of my balls ;) . Overhand? I think you mean my hand-back pointing to my face and my fingers at my balls by that? I’m sorry, but I rather ask twice before I misunderstand you because of language problems.

Another thing I did not understand: What’s the “LOT”?

Forget about the LOT question, I found Bib’s LOT Theory and I hope I understand it right :)

Another question about jelquing: When jelquing, the thick vene (vein?) on top of my shaft “flips” in order to evade my firm grip. It feels strange and not very “confidence-donating” (better word?). I also read that the top of the shaft is the most sensible part of the penis. So how should i grip to avoid damage?

Maybe someone got an answer on my last question?

>thick vene (vein?)<


>”confidence-donating” (better word?)<

confidence building

If you rotate your grip you can probably avoid it pushing out of the way in a strange way but I don’t think its necessarily something to worry about. Its always good to experiment with your grip and not stick to the same grip all the time anyway.

The top part is most sensitive because the nerves run close to the surface underneath the skin but the major part to avoid is the top right below the glans (i.e at the end of your stroke), there’s a big bundle of nerves there. A grip with the webbing between thumb and index finger located over the top will stress the top less but don’t stick to that.

The penis is quite tough and you have to constantly balance the potential for injury with the force used for successful PEing. This is something you gain experience with over time and its worth being careful until you’ve built sufficient confidence before pushing too hard. Over the first 2 month of PE’ing the penis will build up more of a tolerance to PE and much greater vein capacity and its after this period that the penis can handle more strenuous exercises.

I feel like I’m not answering your question very well. Maybe I’m not.

I have almost all of your problems, including language. I´ll try to describe my solutions:

1. Extra skin - use the other hand to pull back your ball´s skin; when you finish the stroke (while grabing the shaft), use the other hand to adjust and pull back the extra skin that the stroke carried, then position this hand to start a new stroke.

2. Slips - use a rubber gloves or baby powder. Grip a little under your glans and not just behind. If you fell you hands tired, try a different grip (using another fingers).

Hope it help.

[---- I was 4.75" BPEL // I am 6.1" BPEL // I´ll be 8" BPEL ----]

The problem is, i grip on my skin (where else could I?!), and then my skin always slips over my glans because I don’t want to grip on my glans directly. It’s just logical that skin that normally lies over my glans returns to its normal position when pulled down. What can I do, I make everything wrong??

The dude in this new video just grips his penis and somehow bends the head. I can’t see his hand slipping, and I can’t see the skin at his base getting a pull down so what’s his secret (aside being circumcised). I have so much foreskin it fully covers my glans, I can’t just pull all that back, grip on the “backpulled” skin and pull it down again - it always slips, OR I press the glans too which hurts a bit, so I don’t want to do that. :(

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