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Newbie Routine?


I think I still misunderstood ThunderSS. My fingers are either pointing to my BALLS or away from my body because I am jelqing downwards. Please tell me what’s right!

Sorry, I meant stretching instead of jelquing in the above post.

Can you unterstand my problem? Something is always grabbing on the glans! Even in the new video this guy is gripping his glans, too!

And - in addition - if I just take my hand and grab 1” above the glans and pull down, which would be “way 1)” in the newbie thread, the only thing I stretch is my skin, while the glans are moving to my hand… this is ****ed up!

I mean, i felt a very good stretch today following ThunderSS advice. I made an “O” grip with my thumb and forefinger just below my glans and the whole foreskin etc. was captured at the base of both fingers. I had a very nice grip but I fear doing this could damage my glans. Grabbing 1” below the glans with that O grip did not work :(

Starting Size (16.5.2004) ~5,6'' (14.5 cm) BPEL, ~ 5'' EG (12-13 cm)

About the extra skin while jelqing, it really annoyed me but I was lucky to have bought a leather cockstrap. It’s like a cockring but made of leather and is adjustable as a belt. I just put it around the base of my balls and tighten it real hard (not too hard) then pull as much skin as possible through it towards the balls. Hope you understand what I mean. You will still have skin over your glans but the skin will stay put and not follow with each stroke. Your balls will stay in place. You still have to use plenty of lube.

I guess a rubberband would work as well. Just make sure your balls don’t turn blue :)

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