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newbie routine

newbie routine

This is what im doing for the newbie routine. I just want some of your thoughts.

I stretch in the morning, about 10-13 30-40 sec stretches. I stretch in all directions, but tend to do more downwards. I warm up/down.

Nightime I jelq, I do around 200-250 jelqs right now. It takes about an 1 1/2 hrs. I know its long, but I do 30 jelqs at a time. I start with a 80% erection, jelq upwards and as my erection slowly goes down I start jelqing downwards. After 30 jelqs, I get my erection back up and do the same. Everytime I get my erection back up I get to the point where I have to stop orgasm (edging) then jelq again for 30 until I reach 250.

Also, Ill do some casual stretches during the day during a bathroom break.

I also was reading in some other posts about fitting intoa toilet paper roll. I tried that last night out of curiosity and I could not fit anything in except the tip of the head. I am 4.6” girth while erect..but could not fit it in at all. Maybe im measuring my girth wrong?

Hopefully you can get your erections under control so it won’t take so long. Usually this happens when you finally get used to the idea this is exercise.

Unless you have some strange kind of toilet paper, I would say you are measuring your girth wrong, or your head is much larger then your shaft.

Is there a disadvantage in taking a longer amount of time?

Originally Posted by Whalmak
Is there a disadvantage in taking a longer amount of time?

The only disadvantage I can see is that eventually you are going to say, damn, this takes too much time. :)

I knew thatd be the answer…shouldnt even of asked.

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