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Newbie routine with some questions

Newbie routine with some questions

1st of all I’m really sorry for my English

I m kindly asking if this kind of routine could have some positive effect on growth/EQ.

I know it is ultra soft routine but I m really frightened by some injuries, and I definitely don’t want to over haste anything.

Atm I’m 6.1/4” 4.3/4” and I would love to slightly increase grid

Routine should be in this cycles: 1 day Workout, 2 day pause, 2 day workout 1 day pause
- Do 5 minutes warm up before and after workout and massage after
- Jelqing: First 2 weeks Start from 10 jelqs.
2nd week 20 jelqs.
Kegels -1st 2 weeks 50, after 100
NO Stretching at all

So I’m searching answers to this questions:
1. Will I gain any benefits from this routine in growth/EQ?
2. This may sound stupid but I could not find answer anywhere, are gains from PE permanent?
3. I just want to add some Grid (my ultimate goal is 1/2”) so can I use jelq squeze ? Or is wet/dry jelq better for newbie?
4. I want to use “breaks” in my routine instead of adding jelqs, so will break help enought?
5. Any volunteer as a supervisor if more questions appear?

What’s most important is that you do what you feel is best for your body. My personal opinion though is that 10 jelqs to start with is a bit low. We do have a newbie routine for those just starting out

Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine

If that seems too intense for your liking, there is another less intense routine here. NEW newbie + advanced routine

Good luck!

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