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Newbie routine variation - Opinion

Newbie routine variation - Opinion

Hello, everybody!

I´m going to start my newbie routine!

Like I wrote in my introduction thread, first I wish to gain girth and then work in length and girth exercises. The reason is because I think I have a thin penis for my length (6” x 4,75”), and I do not want to gain more length having 4,75”. At least I want to reduce the difference (say 6” x 5.2”).

So, is it good for me to do 5 min of manual stretches? I know that the stretches are mostly for working the penis ligaments and to adapt it to future gains, but I also know that stretches may give me some length gains.

I thought making a small variation in the routine. Keeping the 5 min hot wrap before and after the exercises and ending with the 50 kegels, instead of doing 5 min of manual stretches and 10 min of jelq, I would work 3 min of stretches and 12 min of jelq. It´s the same 15 min of workout, but with the variations.

I also thought of doing 1 day on, 1 day off for the first 3 weeks and the next 3 do 2 days on and 1 day off.

So, in your expertise, is it good to make that variation?

And what about the schedule I thought?

Thanks a lot!


I would just stick with the newbie routine and see where you go with it. You might gain length AND girth. It all depends on the person. Some people gain length by doing something while for someone else, that might produce girth gains.

I did not understand one thing: - some people gain also girth doing stretches?

Originally Posted by fabio_p_lemos
I did not understand one thing: - some people gain also girth doing stretches?

Yes it sometimes happens.

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