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Newbie routine too much for newbs

Newbie routine too much for newbs

Hey guys,

I’m new to this board but not necessary new to PE. I did PE about 3 years ago but stopped after about 0.4 inch length gain. I’ve now been back 1 month and gained 0.1 inch in length.

My question is do you guys think that the 2 ON 1 OFF schedule outlined on this board is a bit much for newbies? Also, do you think 200jelqs starting out is also a bit stressful to begin with?

The reason I ask is I’ve been doing a variation in newbie routine not mentioned on this board which is basically M - W - F, in which you start with 100jelqs the first week and then add 25jelqs every week. I think this seems reasonable (well is for me) as on my 4th week I tried to jump from 150 to 200 jelqs and I seemed to have negative PI’s.

What are other newbs opinions on the newbie routine? How did you find jumping straight into 200jelqs?

I feel like you need to keep PI’s (physiological indicators) in mind when practicing PE, regardless of the routine. In other words, you can take the Newbie Routine and modify it so that it is conducive to your schedule & your penis’s responsiveness & tolerance. Just as long as you don’t try to exceed the bounds recommended by the Newbie Routine, you should be okay.

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Everyone is different, newbie routine did nothing for me. Followed it for a month even doubled/tripled the work load and still not even the slightest hint of fatigue/gains/or eq increase.after a month and a half of newbie routine I gave up and, I felt my first bit of fatigue, got great EQ, and saw gains by doing exercises viewed as advanced-extremely advanced. I guess it’s similar to working out at the gym, you have some guys who just come in first day and are the normal guys you see working out with spotters and lifting average weights ect. Then you have those freaks of nature who have never worked out a day in there life, yet are shredded like tarzan (in the movies), and can bench 350 without effort. Some people get easy fatigue and PI’s, others have dicks that fucking suck and have to make their penis’ run fucking marathons to show fatigue, or show any sign of change.

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It was too much for me, but everyone is different. I just dropped to every other day and that worked out better.

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Originally Posted by sta-kool
Newbie Routine was too much for me - too stressful.

I think what you have described would work well.

See the linear newbie thread also:

NEW newbie + advanced routine

Sounds like a good one to try out, especially since I’m a bit worried about exerting myself this early on.

The newbie routine is a guide and a good starting point, but it is not unique to each individual. Do what you can do safely. If the newbie routine is too much, don’t worry, you will build up to that routine rather quickly.

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Originally Posted by Girthfirst
Sounds like a good one to try out, especially since I’m a bit worried about exerting myself this early on.

That reminds me of this thread, I used to have it in my signature. Check it out if you get the chance. (I see there that my newbie routine was 90 jelqs and stretching)

Is starting out lesser necessarily better

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