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Newbie routine questions

Newbie routine questions

It’s my first serious week of PE and have been using the newbie routine.
I do my routine in the shower in the morning as my girlfriend starts work before me so I shower after she leaves because I don’t want her to know what I am doing. I am restricted a little bit by time so I do 3-5mins of warm wrap, then stretches for 5mins, jelq for 10mins and then kegal for 5mins while I have the warm wrap on to save a little time.
1. How long should I do the newbie routine for? And how long is it estimated before you start to see gains? (I understand everyone is different)
2. Will having sex, receiving oral or hand effect gains at all?
3. Will wearing boxers or briefs make a different?
4. How long after your routine will you be fuller for?
5. What is a good indication that you are jelqing with a erection beyond 80%? Would it be if you can still bend your penis at mid shaft?

28th Aug 2013
BPEL: 6.5inches
EG: 5inches
BPEL: 7.5inches
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1. As long you see gains. I think at least three months are required to see gains, since the first month you probably are just learning the correct technique of exercises.

2. No.

3. No

4. No general answer, the longer the better.

5. You have to understand by yourself. Don’t bend your erect penis though.

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