Newbie routine questions

Been trying mostly the newbie routine for about 5 weeks. I am on lower side of “average range”. A one inch gain in length and or girth would be major accomplishment. Some questions

1) Stretching grip

It feels to me like I got an loose outer sheath which includes the skin, and then the deeper inner tube. I don’t know if its me but the outer sheath/skin is very loose and easy to pull but When I stretch I am trying to grip sufficiently down to get a very firm grip on the inner tube so as not to be stretching the outer sheath by itself. This is right ? Seem like I have to really compress to get tension on the whole thing. Is this ok ? I am finding I am able to grip and pull harder now after a few weeks.

2) stretching direction

Seems like the stretch includes 6, 12, 4 and 8 o’clock but not directly to the sides (3 or 9 ) why not?

3) Jelqing direction

The direction is not really straight down.. But you jelq little more towards straight out right ? Or does it matter.

4) Jelq compression

Is it it the compression or the stroke and maintaining tension (one hand after the other) that’s more important here?

5) Working out (lifting or running) is okay afterwards right ? I see the debates on wanking - and try to do this on off days, or minimum 6 hours after jelq.

6) Why do I need kegles? I am not doing this currently.

7) I will work to extend the time of the newbie. Would a one inch goal be possible on an extended time newbie routine - or is it probably likely I need to change to new routines and devices after 6 months?