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Newbie routine questions.

Newbie routine questions.

As of right now I have been doing the newbie routine for a bit over week, the thing is I don’t do it all in one sitting. Right now I am jelqing in the morning usually while in the shower or after. Then I go about my day and do the stretches before bed. Is it better to do everything all at once, or pace yourself throughout the day? I’ve been doing it this way so far because it is easy to fit into my lifestyle. On a side note.. I shot myself in the face for the 1st time yesterday after a ruff session, it was funny and humiliating at the same time. (Going to have to point the beast in a safe direction from now on)

It depends person to person. Spreading your routine throughtout the day is OK. Lol.. SHOT YOURSELF.

If it doesn’t make a difference ill keep doing it the way I am, but if it does make a difference I could change my routine. Yes, shooting myself was not cool.

Can’t say I’ve ever shot myself, but I had a friend who pissed on his own face.weird

Neway I find it better to do it all in one sitting as it seems o add that more to the exercise, ‘feels’ like you got more done, maybe that’s just psychological tho, but true splitting the exercises up is easier to fit into the day

It probably makes no difference.

regards, mgus

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I would think doing everything in one sitting would be more productive. The more you work it the more pliable and stretched your unit becomes. As an example I would think after about 20 minutes you would be very pliable and warmed up and thus would have a better opportunity for more gains to be made.

If you did this in multiple sessions you might be stopping at 20 minutes and missing out on the opportunity for further gains. The next time you do a session it would be like starting all over again.


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Do it all at once. If you are spreading it throughout the day, your warmup is less effective/non existent. With the newbie routine, you should have warmup/warm-down sessions of 5 minutes each. You’ll lose these by spreading it throughout the day.

Hahahaha… shot yourself… how come??? Did you aim it? :P

Well, don’t know, guess there’s nothing wrong splitting the training…

I had gains early by using less than recommended early on. Splitting the routine will not make it less effective by my experience.

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