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Newbie routine questions, and measures

Newbie routine questions, and measures

I finally managed to register to the site.

I would like to ask some questions about Newbie routine:
1) Can streches be done after the jelq?
2) I started with 30 dry jelqs because I can do them better and I don’t have to lube all the time.. Can this variation be considered “correct”?
3) How long do I have to hold any kegel? I usually vary the time and do also the reverse ones, but I’d like to hear opinions about that.

And finally, the reason which made me register to this forum.. On the Net I found literally EVERYTHING about statistics and how long/how thick a “normal” penis is, and even more about what’s the “minimum” for a penis to satisfy a woman.

My measures are 16 cm NBPEL, which should be 6.3 inches NBPEL, (I don’t know exactly BonePressed because I don’t know how much I have to press.. I think 17.5 anyway, with a medium pressure but not hurting) and 5.5 inches in girth at the midshaft, quite uniform on the penis.

Now, considered that I have some experience with two girls but I don’t think if I’m inadequate for them they would have told me, I ask you also about my “insecurity” on my measures. I know for science I’m normal, obviously, but it looks like “normality” and “perceived normality” is not the same (maybe I’m wrong).. So what’s my “state” pre-PE?

Thank you everybody, and remember English is not my language, so try to forgive my (possible) big mistakes.


1) Yes
2) yes
3) I think anywhere between 3 and 10 seconds should be fine. Not sure what ‘reverse Kegel’s’ are, though.

Average penis size is about 6” BPEL and 4.75 MSEG - that according most reliable statistics. You are way above average with about 7x5.5 - those are kinda pornstar stats, not huge but definitely big.

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Obviously I’m talking about measurements taken in moments of maximum erection, when I’m really aroused and the penis really hard.

Another doubt, about masturbation: I do it almost any time I do PE. I do my Newbie, usually with porn, then I masturbate (most of the times edging, but not always). Does this influence the results?
I did read something about hormones and testosterones, but some others (WestLa in pole position) said it’s completely unrelevant.
I know there are many threads about that, I used the search button, but they’re quite old.. In the meantime, someone came to a definitive conclusion?

Some people say they effect some people say don’t. if there was a scientific conclusion behind that I’d really loved to learn it. I like to do my edging after or before my PE workouts too ..

And yea about the avarage size.. I’m not sure about that either.. I’m 7inch bone pressed but everytime I get to the gym I see everybody is really bigger than mine well except some chinese guys. I know you will think it’s the perspective we look at our dicks from top but I swear its not!! (:

March 2012 BPEL 7.00 EG 5.00

FL 4.00 FG 4.25

Goal = How much MR`Respect the Cock` wants to grow in a year,I'm okay with it. Yes,That's my goal!

You can’t gauge the size of an erection based on flaccid size.

What’s the average penis size?
by Dr. Petra Boynton
(sorry, no link, no longer on the internet)

Research shows soft (flaccid) penises vary in size much more than erect ones do - and it isn’t possible to predict from a soft cock what It’ll look like when It’s hard.

Some guys don’t change much between flaccid and erect, others do. Sometimes this is referred to as guys being ‘showers’ - they’re big when soft and don’t get much bigger; or ‘growers’ - they’re smaller when soft but then grow a fair bit as they get hard.


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