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Newbie routine question

Newbie routine question

My question concerns the manual stretching part of the newbie routine. I believe it says 5 minutes 10x30second stretches. My question is what angle should these stretches be done? Or is it up to us to decide? Currently I am doing 2x to the right 2x to the left 3x down and 3x up for 30 second holds but the only angle I feel the stretch is the downward stretch. Also because I feel the stretch downward, should I switch to 10x30secs at the straight down angle? Thanks in advance.

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I did/do down, left, right, and up. I feel the stretch for all of them—make sure you have a good grip. It should be an internal “pull” for the area you are stretching.

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What I meant was that the only time I feel any form of fatigue is when I do the stretch downward. I do feel tightness when I pull to the left/right but not that fatigued feeling. Also, what do you mean internal pull?

Oh, and a couple other questions! I was reading a thread the other day of long time vets telling their PE stories, got half way through it then left the page. I have searched on multiple occasions and can not seem to find it, if anyone knows what I am talking about and how to find it, It would be much appreciated. Also, I thought I read something somewhere about how to “favorite” a page for later use, how does one go about doing that? Thanks!

To favorite/subscribe would be the action button, look at the top right of the first post. I am also very interested in seeing this thread, seems like a very interesting read!

Should I be continuing kegels on off days? And how long should it take for my morning erections/daily erections to increase? I understand that it varies from person to person, but I am wanting to know a good time frame so if things are not going well I can change them up and hope for improvements. My main goal right now is to improve EQ’s and the occurrence of erections. I am 21 years old and feel they should be a lot more frequent, if this is truly me in my “prime” then I don’t know where I will be in 10 years. So any tips on improving EQ or occurrence will be greatly appreciated.

What I have/am trying to do to improve-
-Cut out porn in its entirety
-No masturbation until EQ’s improve

I feel I have abused both my mind and my little guy for the last three years with too much porn and masturbation, I imagine it will take awhile to make up for the abuse and recover. For now, this is my #1 priority with PE, with any size increases being icing/encouragement to continue. Again, any other advice is appreciated.

Side note, I have tried edging, as it sits right now I do not have the will power to stop myself when edging.

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