Newbie routine, need advice

Hi, I discovered PE 2 years ago, but I did exercise without continuity, like 3-4 week on and 8-10 off.

27 April I discovered this site and began PE seriously

I start with beginner’s routine, with some modification, and now I do this routine:

2 days on, 1 off
Fowfers 1/1:30h, 5’ on and 1-2’off, out of workout

10x 30” stretch (2-3 down, for ligament, 3 A stretch, 2 v stretch and 1 stretch right and 1 left)
200 jelq (80 normal, 20 with C grip, 40 jelq with more erection, around 70%, 20 with the second hand at the base, 20 8” jelq, 20 half penis jelq, first base to middle and after middle to gland)
10x ulistretch3

3-4x 2.5’ uli extreme with two hands, I do it with hands so I can strenghten grip or I can do it weak.

What do you think?

My measure are
Start 17cm el, 13.7 mseg, 14 bseg, FL 10.5 FG 11
Now 17.5 el, BPEL 19, 14 mseg, 14.5 bseg, 11 FL and 11 FG
Objective 20 el, 15-16 mseg, 16-16.5 bseg, 12-12.5 FL 12 FG