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newbie routine modified to help me? anyone got advice

newbie routine modified to help me? anyone got advice

Im currently 18 and 6.5” x 4.5” (or very close to that). I’d like to get to 7 x 5 as a realistic goal and 8 x 6 as a “dream” goal. I know the newbie routine but does anyone have any different grips or duration techniques to help me reach these goals? I want to make sure i know everything i can before starting. thanks in advance.

Seems like jelqing is the sure method for length and girth.

Began: 6/23/08 @ 6.25" EBPL & 4.25 Girth.

Goal: 8" EBPL & 5.5" Girth.

theres no grips or techniques more geared towards girth? to reach either goal (7x5 or 8x6) i would need .5”x.5” more or 1.5”x1.5”, would gains come in evenly or no?

There are specialized “grips” and girth exercises.

However do the newbie routine first. Then worry about specializing on techniques.

The newbie routine helps you learn about how your penis and how it responds to PE. If you don’t have that knowledge you will risk hurting yourself by jumping into specialized girth exercises too quickly.

I will further recommend that you take a look at this lighter newbie routine. I had difficulty with the “regular newbie” and did something similar to this. I responded pretty well to a “less is more” PE approach:

NEW newbie + advanced routine

Originally Posted by J123
LINEAR ROUTINE for newbies

- Do 5 minutes warm up before and after workout and massage your penis little after you have warmed it.

- Stretching: I don’t recommend doing any stretching within the first week or two.
When you begin stretching do one 30 second pull to each direction (down, up, left, right, forward).
Within the first 2 months add max. 1 stretch (up, down..) per week, but if you feel, that it is not
necessary to add number of stretches, then don’t.

- Jelqing: Start from 10- 20 jelqs. At the beginning add for example 10 jelqs about every 3 workout, but there is no need to go over 50- 60 jelqs within the 2 or 3 weeks.
Beyond 50- 60 jelqs add 10- 20 jelqs in a week if necessary. If you seem to gain with a lower amount, then don’t increase the amount until you feel it is necessary.
At the beginning when your workouts are short it is a good idea to do workouts in a shower. It offers brilliant warmup and cleaning possibilities.

- I recommend doing this workout every other day or 2 on 1 off and giving a extra resting day whenever you feel it necessary.

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