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Newbie routine - how often

Newbie routine - how often

Ok, I start my pe journey this week on Monday. I was planning to follow the newbie routine as I seemed like a good place to start. The schedule says 2 days ON/1 day REST. Well, Monday (day 1) and Tuesday (day 2) went well. My penis feels great and today I even had morning wood.

My question is, for the first week, should I pe every day (5 days straight) to get a “jump start”? Looking for a little advise. Thanks guys.

I’d just stick to the 2 on, 1 off routine. You need to condition yourself first before you start adding on more to your weekly pe. The last thing you want to do is injury yourself and have to take time off to heal. After the 90 days see what results you have gotten and go from there.

Yeh I agree just stick to the 2 on 1 off. You don’t work out your chest 5 days in a row because you wouldn’t want to risk injuring it. Why would you risk injuring the most important thing in your life?

Start May-28-09 --- BPEL 5.875/EG 4.75/NBPEL 5.125/FL 3.00/FG 4.00 *Oct 24/09 --- BPEL 6.750/EG 4.875/NBPEL 5.875/FL 4.000/FG 4.250*

Short Term Goal --- BPEL 7.000/EG 5.000

Long Term Goal --- BPEL 7.500/EG 6.000

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