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Newbie routine how long

Newbie routine how long

How long should the newbie routine be used for and what’s the next level. Basically when do you graduate from newbie status? What does anyone advise?

Do a search. You will find what you are looking for. But if your too lazy too, until your gains stop.

3 months at least

I agree with about 3 months, but remember, the Newbie Routine includes adding more and more time to your routine as you progress. Once you reach the 3 month mark, you should begin making your own choices of what to do next, based on your progress.

I started adding in Uli’s after a month when I first did PE. Then by the 2 month mark I was doing some light clamping.

It probably depends on the penis, but I think 3 months would definitely be safe.

BP erect: 7.6" x 5.4"

NBP flaccid: 5.5 x 4.5

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