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Newbie routine erection jelq

Newbie routine erection jelq

I’m doing the newbie routine, but I usually do my jelqs at low erection percentage, like 10-20%.. Am I wasting my time, should I do them when I’m harder? I don’t want to hurt myself.

You won’t do any damage this way, but the jelqs will be more like stretches.

Your caution is good, but you can afford to kick it up a notch. The penis is a surprisingly resilient organ.

We usually recommend jelqing at between 60% and 80% erection, 3 seconds from base to just below the glans, with moderate force.

Unless you are unusually fragile (or apply huge amounts of force) that will be well within safe bounds.

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One thing I’d add is, if your going for more length, you may want to keep your erection level between 40-60% and if you think you have enough length already and want to work on your girth, then jelq between a 60-80% erection level.

19th Feb 2012

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Which is better for length wet jelq or dry jelq? I just started too.

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