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Newbie Routine Discomfort

Newbie Routine Discomfort

I started PE Thursday, 5 days ago, and did two days on of just the stretching part of the newbie routine. I did warm-ups and warm-downs as well. I took off Saturday and on Sunday night I began doing the full newbie routine. I have been feeling discomfort in that area since I began PE Thursday. The discomfort is similar to that of when you are lightly hit in the balls. I’m not talking about getting kicked there and doubled-over in pain, but just when you accidentally hit them for whatever reason and you have that discomfort in your lower stomach. The feeling isn’t persistent; it comes and goes throughout the day.

I haven’t cut any corners with the routine nor have I extended beyond the time suggested. I do both good warm-ups and warm-downs for at least the time suggested with a towel as warm as I can take.

I don’t think I’m over working because in regards to the stretching, I can definitely pull my penis out further if I wanted to. With the jelqing, I am not doing it with a fully erect penis. It’s probably 50 – 60 %. If anything, it’s probably too soft as I’m having a hard-time keeping it erect to this point while doing the jelqing.

I could just have a flu bug maybe but I don’t feel sick and the timing seems to coincide with beginning PE.

I’d like to know if this feeling I am experiencing is normal, and/or what, if anything, this is an indication of.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Let me clarify that the pain isn’t severe. It’s just enough for me to notice.

Is this pain in your balls? Are you treating your balls roughly when you jelq, maybe without noticing?

The general thing about PE (if it’s not your balls) is that soreness is fine and pain is bad but you have to define the difference between these two.

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No, the discomfort is not in my balls.

I was thinking the same thing about what you said about being to rough while jelqing with my balls. I’m not rough, but I’ll try to be more aware of where they are when stretching down to 6 o’clock and when jelqing down.

If anyone has experienced this, let me know. Otherwise, we’ll see if me being more aware helps.


I’m about to conclude my 3rd month of the newbie routine, so I’m no expert in the area of PE. However, I can only speak from my personal experience, and that is I did experience a little soreness off and on during the first 2-3 weeks at the base where the ligs are. I chalked that up to just them getting stretched out and recovering, and it eventually subsided. Sometimes after stretching (I’ve gradually increased the time of each stretch and the force at which I stretch) I will experience that same discomfort, but it’s clearly not pain to the point I feel as though I suffered some sort of an injury.

Best of luck to you.

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