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Newbie Routine -- Any Advice

Newbie Routine -- Any Advice

Okay, after checking this site out for a few years and not really putting any energy into PE, I made a New Years Resolution to try and get some length.
I have not measured but erect, I am around 6 1/2” or so but rather thick.

This is usually what women comment about: thick.

I will measure soon to add “official” stats but for now I thought I would list my new routine.

I started this 2 weeks ago and have done this every day (except some weekend days)

5 minute soak in hot, hot water. 30 seconds stretches each direction (left, right, down up, out).

Next, jelqing wet 10 - 15 minutes.

5 more minutes hot water soak. A and V stretches 1 minute each. Rotating stretches for 10 revolutions.

A few more minutes of hot soak while doing kegels.

Is this too little/too much for 2 weeks in? I notice a fatter, heavier cock already and stronger erections.

Also, since my cock is rather thick, I find having some difficulty keeping a firm clamp some mornings.

Any advice would be great.

It’s different from the newbie routine, but not that much. If you feel it is working for you, well go ahead. You’ll need to add some more length work; also, if you notice that your EQ goes down too much, you could switch to a 3on/1off or even a 2on/1 off frequency, at least for girth work.

Good luck.

Thanks for the advice.

When you mention more length work, which things work towards that specifically?

I am confused, I guess about what jelqing does as I thought that was good for length gains.

Do I need more time with stretches?

Jelqs are good for both grith and length, stretches are specifically for length.

If you’re not experiencing any pain or uncomfortable soreness then your routine is fine. seems like its working for you. I am basically doing the same and having similar results.

good luck in the future!

Start: 6.4 x 5.1

Current: 6.5 x 5.5

Long Term: 8x6

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