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Newbie reservations

Newbie reservations

Hello Everyone,

I am in my late 20s and I have been considering PEing for a little while now. I have never experimented with any techniques, so I am a still a bit reluctant to try. I have a few questions before I start the newbie routine, but first I will share my stats and goals. I measured at 7.5x4.8-5.1” NBPEL and 7.8” BPEL (I used the techniques posted in other threads). I would like to increase girth and to increase overall health. So here are my questions:

I have noticed a bunch of posts concerning injuries or discoloration. Do people suffer either if they follow the newbie routine religiously? (I.e. Proper warming up, not overworking, etc.) Is there a such thing as warming up too much?

From what I’ve read, most people agree that sex/masturbation and PEing are OK. Are people successfully PEing and maintaining very active sex lives? If so, what time of the day are you usually PEing?

My erect girth was noticeably different when I measured it on two different days (that’s why I have 4.8-5.1” listed above) — is that normal?

I am basically very happy with what I have. I’ve never had any complaints, and usually get compliments. I am just looking to address the goals I mentioned above (girth and health) in the safest possible way. As such I really just want to ensure I don’t ruin what I have already!

I am sorry if my post is too long and I greatly appreciate any time you can take to consider any of my questions. Thank you!

Your girth may not have been measured on the same spot.

I PE almost everyday, (when I am on track) and have a very sexualy active lifestyle with my lady friend.

Do the newbie routine.

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Do sex and PE mix well… they sure do! I usually have a few hours in between PE and sex, though. I usually do PE in the morning; sex is usually at night or sometimes in the afternoon… whenever the wife is ready :-)

Injuries? Minimal if you aren’t going overboard with the newbie routine. The best thread I’ve read on this is Physiologic Indictors (PIs) to help growth!. I know that some advocate a warm wrap after PE; I go with those that favor an ice pack, especially if my routine of the day has been over-strenuous. That’s what physical therapists do after you have a good work of muscle and soft tissue, including ligs and tendons.

Thank you Josh and Game of Inches. That link you posted Josh is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Well I will spend some more time trying to devour all of the information available, but hopefully I’ll start PEing soon. :-)

Dude, clubgoer…. you have great starting stats!! If I was that long I might stop right now. I would suggest starting with the newbie routine, which should be perfectly safe…. though if you do you will probably be huge… and I don’t need you running aound out there. = )

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With that starting size, you can go easy and pull back in time if something feels wrong. You’re not going to risk a lot

I am in a similar boat. My penis is a shade over 7” long and about 5.75 around, but I have mild erection difficulties so I am here to improve overall health. I am paranoid about discolouration because I like the way my penis looks, and its apperance for whatever reason is very important to me.

I think if we follow a very mild routine it should be sweet….I mean we are in no rush, especially me being I mean I am a lot happier to do moderate work for 2 years, hopefully get some sweet erections and maybe 0.5 to an inch gained in length…then go overboard and hope to gain an inch in 4 months with the discolouration risks etc. I want a healthier, maybe slightly bigger SEXY looking dick first and formost, without the risks.

Thanks for the reassurances everyone. I tend to be somewhat cautious, so you’ve been a big help.

Yataghan50, I agree with you completely. My major worry is “ruining” what I have already. At one point in my earlier 20s, I had erection problems partly due to medication I was on, but also due to my diet. By improving my diet, I was able to steadily regain most of what I was capable of during my late teens. I hope you’re routine yields the positive results you’re looking for — I know how frustrating even minor problems down there can be for a guy. Good luck man!

PE has improved my sex life, erections, and orgasms. Not to mention increased the the size of my unit. I PE three to four times a week, with two hour sessions.

I suggest you get a heat pad and use lots of heat in you’re routine. This will help keep discoloring and injuries away. Ive been doing PE for years and I havent had one injury.

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