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Newbie Report

Newbie Report

Hey guys (and gals! ;-) ),

I’ve been lurking around here for a couple of months just taking in all the newbie information as well as visiting the other forums when I’ve been bored to see all the great discussion about PE. I’m really glad I found this place and I’ve found all this information really helpful and interesting, I’m glad a place like this exists (and for free to boot!) for people to get together and discuss this - I really want to send this site to all my male friends but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Anyways, on to the facts.unfortunately when I started out I neglected to measure. However I’d say that I was probably around 6.4-6.5” BPEL and 4.6-4.75” EG. Remember these are ball park figures reconstructed from my memory, they could be slightly different.

I began strictly with the newbie routine in February of this year. I would say that I did this routine as diligently as possible for probably 3 weeks, and noticed modest gains, mostly in flaccid appearance. I started out with wet jelqs but was getting lots of red spots and eventually developed some bruising so I said “time to back off!” and took a while off until the bruising cleared up and everything returned to normal. I then gave up the wet jelqing and moved to dry jelqing after reading a few threads here.

After only a month or so I began to notice modest gains in erect girth/length as well, mostly girth. It was around this time I visited my girlfriend for spring break (long distance relationship.blech! =/ ) And noticed that when I put a condom on it was much tighter - not sure if it was because of a harder erection or gains, but I attribute it to both! Unfortunately the girlfriend did not notice any difference at the time.

After that I have been very diligent about my routine for about 2 months (3 months total so far) and am starting to notice some more gains. My unit definitely seems bigger in my hand when I’m beating off. I have also started incorporating some basic hand clamping (get a full erection then kegel as much as possible into my rod then squeeze at the base for ~30sec) with some light squeezing as well. I still mainly focus on jelqing as I believe it’s a good all-around exercise and since I’m in a dorm in college (with a roommate) I don’t have the personal space to do hanging or any extended sort of PE exercises - I have recently been doing my PE in the shower and it is working out well.

As for PEing in the shower, I think it can be very useful. I’ve found the constant heat source is good for keeping the blood moving. I’ve also found that it’s easier to maintain that semi-soft erect state when the best jelqing happens. In the shower I generally do some stretches (straight out, left, right, down, left down, right down, up) then jelq (balloon analogy).

After 3 months my current stats are: 6.9-7” BPEL and 5” EG (mid shaft, about 5.25” at the bottom). We’ll see if girlfriend notices anything next time I see her :D I’ve set my tentative goal at 7.5x5.5”

I know these are very good gains and I’m very proud of myself for being consistent about it. I have a feeling things will begin to slow down sooner than later, but after reading about all the success stories around here I’m not going to let it stop me!

A few questions for the senior “members” (hah!):

1.) I’m uncircumcised and I’ve noticed that with dry-jelqing I’ve developed a sore on the little ligament on the back of the glans.I think this is because when I jelq the skin bunches up and then reaches a point where it’s forced over the engorged there anything you guys could recommend to mitigate that? I have been trying not going up the shaft as far to keep the skin from being forced over the glans but I feel like I’m not getting as full of a jelq that way.

2.) I had some more questions but I can’t remember them now. Hopefully I’ll remember and post more later.

Thanks for any responses! Good luck to all you newbs!


Originally Posted by generelz
I know these are very good gains and I’m very proud of myself for being consistent about it. I have a feeling things will begin to slow down sooner than later, but after reading about all the success stories around here I’m not going to let it stop me!

Well someone is a little full of himself isn’t he. Well, you should be!! :leftie: Those are some nice gains. And kudos to you on sticking with it even in a dorm room situation. Good job generelz. These types of posts keep us all inspired.

About the gf saying something about the new size, don’t get too discouraged if she doesn’t. I know there have been posts here saying that they have said something with other guys, but I don’t believe that is the norm. Just don’t expect it so if she does say something you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I usually judge from my wife’s reactions during sex rather than waiting for her to say something.

Again, congrats on the gains! :thumbs:


Nice Gains!

I’m a wandering newbie, and I think you can help me!

Being uncircumcised, I have had trouble with starting out this whole PE thing, but you show that jelqing and stretching can be done right!

When I jelq I guess I’m getting good results, I think I do it fine, but my real problem is stretching. Do you mind going into detail on just how you stretch?

Maybe post a routine?

Congratulations on the gains!


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