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Newbie questioon, please help.

Newbie questioon, please help.

I’m not all that new to PE, but this is a pretty newbie question. Can you tell your erect size by how long you can stretch out your flacid size? Thanks.

Flaccid full stretch, FFS, is one of the ways that have been used to measure dicks in medical surveys, but the methos is prone to error in two ways.

1) I am about 9+ 5/8” flaccid full stretch, but rarely over 9 inches erect.

2) Now maybe I’m pulling it like crazy to get the maximum FFS answer, and maybe the doctors /nurses dont pull so hard, but who knows what “stretch” means? I reckon that the absolute max that I can get today is more reproducible tommorrow than some medium force that varies from doctor to doctor, or person to person if the owners of the dicks are doing the stretching and individual results are being recorded for survey reasons

So FFS might be a good indication of gains, when done by an individual over time, but not of actual useable size or of the population as a whole.

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

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