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Newbie Questions

Newbie Questions

Hey everybody, I’m new here and have a couple of questions to ask.

1) How easy do you think it would be for me to gain an inch in length, and how long do you think this would take?

2) I’m happy with my girth mid-shaft, but would like to get rid of my ‘baseball bat effect’ by making my base girth bigger. How can I do this, and how difficult will it be?

I have some past experience of PE, so you could say my penis has been ‘conditioned’.

I’m a newb too, but I think I might be able to answer a question.

1) I asked the exact same question when I first joined. And numerous others today have asked aswell. There is NO answer to this. If there were a simple answer, then PE would be a more popular thing. You might gain an inch in 6 months, or you might gain nothing in 2 years.

Starting size: (April 1 2007) 5.95" BPEL x 4.65" EG. | Progress Thread (plus pics)

Now: (August 20 2007) 6.6" BPEL x 4.81" EG. Half way towards my goal! | Current Stats

Short term goal: (3-4 months) 6.8" BPEL, 5.0" EG.. Long term goal (1+ yr): 7.5" BPEL, 5.5" EG.

1. You CANNOT know how long one will take to gain 1 inch. Factors such as lifestyle, diet, commitment and perseverance all come into play.

2. Do the newbie routine for now. Put more pressure while jelqing at the base. After conditioning your penis, move onto hanging. It has been said hanging increases base girth.

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