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Newbie Questions

Newbie Questions

So I just officially started PE 2 days ago and I had a few questions.

I’m using the newbie routine.

1. I do my warm up and warm downs with a rice sock for about 7-10 minutes. I just wrap the sock around my penis and just let it do it’s thing while performing kegels during warm downs. I noticed that after warming up and warming down, my penis shrinks and I’m wondering why. When I used to warm up and warm down during the shower, my penis would hang longer and fuller.

2. I really want to target length and I’m uncircumcised. I’ve been doing the basic stretches pulling straight out in all directions with moderate force so that I don’t feel any discomfort in my penis for about 30 seconds each. Then I do V-stretches. Is this enough to achieve length/what other effective stretches are there.

3. As I said, I’m uncircumcised so when I jelq, my foreskin covers my glands. I don’t know if I’m actually jelqing or if I’m just moving the foreskin up and down. I use a pretty tight grip and try to kegel to force blood into my penis before every stroke, which lasts for about 3 seconds. I try and jelq straight out and straight down. Should I also try jelqing in different directions? Seeing as how I want to focus primarily on legnth (but don’t want to neglect girth), should I jelq at lower erection levels or should I jelq at moderate erection levels (60-70%)?

4. The base of my penis is considerably thicker than the rest of my penis and I was wondering how I could get that to even out?

Thanks for the help!

1) You are using too heat. Ideal temperature is around 40 C.

2) For now, do just regular simple stretches. Hurry is counterproductive.

3) Moderate IMHO.

4) Jelqs tend to target more MSEG, I think.

Hey I am also a newbie (also uncut) I hav Ben jelqing and somewhat stretching and fowfering for 3 weeks. I am noticing “changes” starting to occur. I am getting thicker from the jelqing and because I didn’t mesure I don’t know how long I’m getting in erect

Lenth but I am having a slight improvement there also. My

Advice on your jelqing situation is

To slap it on your leg or do what you hav to to force more blood in your penis to stop the foreskin from covering the glands so you get a good jelq

I use one hand to hold my foreskin back and the other hand to jelq. I pull my foreskin back then clamp the skin at the base of the penis with one hand and jelq with the other, however I don’t alternate hands for each stroke. I’ll jelq until one hand gets tired then repeat with the other hand. Is this an effective method? Also, how do I know if I’m stretching my ligs and not just my skin?

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