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Newbie Questions

Newbie Questions


I have toyed around with the idea of PE and have tried the odd jelq but never really started a routine. I am planning a complete body overhaul. I am about 40lbs overweight and really quite unfit so I need to do quite a lot of aerobic exercise to burn off fat and then some fairly targeted weights, sit ups etc on certain areas. Now one question I have is what is the normal difference between bone pressed and none bone pressed length as I reckon my fat pad on my pubic bone is about 1 & 3/4 inch thick so could there be an easy inch to gain there??

I have 15 minutes a day guaranteed to do PE. I want to gain both length and girth but more length. I have a 6 day a week normal exercise plan so I wanted it to fit in around that. My plan for a routine is to do alternate, stretching and jelqing thus giving my penis time to rest in between each exercise. Does that make sense..

Monday - Stretch 15mins
Tuesday - Jelq 15mins
Wednesday - Stretch 15mins
Thursday - Jelq 15 mins
Friday - Stretch 15mins
Saturday - Jelq - 15 mins

My overall aim is to gain 1 1/2” - 2” of erect length. No real time scale for it, I am not expecting results overnight.

Any advice, tips, encouragement will be appreciated and any recommendations on conventional exercise to tone up the fat pad would be great.



I wouldn’t PE every day, your penis does need time to rest and recover no matter how light your routine. I still say you should go for the 2 on 1 off routine as suggested in the Newbie Routine. You can always go for the less is more approach and stretch 5 minutes and jelq for 10. This still keeps your routine at 15 minutes without you over doing it.

As for the loosing weight part, there’s nothing better then running.

Welcome to Thunders and remember not to over do things.

19th Feb 2012

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