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Newbie Question

Newbie Question

I’m new to PE and I was wondering if I’m doing it right?

My routine is as follows:

5 min warmup (heater)
1hr hang w/ 8lbs
5 min jelq

I’ve noticed flaccid length growth but also foreskin growth witch is fine with me because I want to restore my foreskin as well I have been at it for about one month.

Don’t hang yet. Read this. Do this. Gain size. Repeat. Repeat. Etc.

If you want to keep hanging, then personally I’d drop the weight to 5lb, and the time to 30-45 mins tops.

Also I’d up the jelqs to 10 mins.

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Current PE status - Contemplating Retirement. STARTED - 6.75"x5.25" CURRENTLY 7.5"x5.5" - BPFSL - 7.25"

How to use the search button for best results. If you actually USE the search button, this is worth a read

Thanks Slack.but I’m confused about some things..

If I worked on length by hanging until I reached my goal then worked on girth by pumping wouldn’t that be an optimal way to get both?

Originally Posted by AstroGlider
If I worked on length by hanging until I reached my goal then worked on girth by pumping wouldn’t that be an optimal way to get both?

No. Just start with the newbie routine and worry about that after you have done it for 3 consistent months.

You need to do the newbie to condition your dick for more strenuous things such as hanging. Not doing so could result in injury which would mean time away from PE. Time that could have been spent making gains.

Pumping by its self will not give permanent gains. Clamping and manual exercises are the best ways. Although pumping can be combined with manual exercises or clamping to enhance there effects. This should not be done though until you have a good amount of experience.

You need to read much more on this site before doing any routine. You REALLY need to start with the newbie routine.

Search. Read. Learn. Apply. Make weener bigger........Eventually reach goal of giant weener

Ok guys I’ll take it slow even thought my pecker is make of steel!

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