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Newbie Question

Newbie Question

Hey guys!

As most are saying here, I’ve been doing PE for about a month or so. I have a somewhat smaller than average penis, and I’ve decided that I’m going to do something about it. After the web searches that turned up the inevitable crop of “buy our product and you’ll have a dick bigger than a porn star”, I stumbled in here. This place is a godsend! Thank you for the incredible information and the hope of a bigger schlong!

I have been wet jelqing, about 200-400 a day and using golf club rings (3) for ADS. After a month, I have yet to make any length gains, so I decided to try hanging as well. I’m doing about 10-15 mins with 5 lbs. To start.

My question is: after I unhook myself from the weights, I get a little bit of clear discharge. Is this something that is normal or should I adjust what I am doing?

Not if you have everything setup perfectly meaning the wrap, the hanger tightnes, the hanger position, and the hanging angle. I still get some of that clear discharge like stuff that looks like litlte blisters after a nice little hangign set. All you have to do is take a 10 min break and unwrap your dick, shake it around a bit to get the blood flow equalibrium and slap your dick agasint your thigh or stomach a few times then just wait for a couple mins and do somehting else. All that discharge should fade away rapidly and you should be ready for your next set. Next time you wrap for the next set try wrapping a little differently, maybe a little tighter towards the end of the wrap and loose on the top where your glans/head is. You wrap is probaly a little too tight on top from the first two wraps. Here is a link that helped me on how BIB did his wrapping Wrapping drawings. This should help you with wrapping after you read that thread a couple times.

I would suggest also maybe expiermenting and reading more here on other different ways to wrap and research all the different hanging angles (SD, BTC, OTS, SO, OTL, UTL, fulcrum hanging, etc) and pick one. Then keep attacking one or two angles over and over until you start to build sorenss/fatigue in certain areas of your penis that you are targeting the stress at from the tension of the weight hanging at the angle you are hanging at. Do this for a couple days and let it heal up just a little bit to stabalize things down there and right before you feel 100% healed again start attacking those angles again or switch to a new angle. This will allow you to keep attacking the weakend angles over and over getting more and more gains, because if you let you dick heal to 100% then those ligs and tissues that you affected tend to get much stronger and you will ahve to move up in weight much quicker then you would have to otherwise. Over time you will start seeing gains.

Do lots of research here, pay particular attention to BIB’s posts related to hanging and you should be well off.

Hope all this info helps you out…

Thanks for the helpful advice guys!

It’s difficult to be patient enough to wait another couple of months to start, but I’ll back off on it.. After a month, I had seen a gain of about .5cm erect girth from jelqing and stretching, so I was very eager to try something else that would add some length!

I totally realize that it’s unrealistic, but having lived with a smallish (15 cm BPEL) penis, now that I’ve started down the path of PE, I want a HUGE porn star cock RIGHT NOW!

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