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Newbie question, please help.

Newbie question, please help.

Heres a big newbie question from a guy with over a month of experience.

I’ve searched for it but I sometimes have problems trying to find EXACTLY what I want.

When I do a simple manual stretch - or even a V-Stretch - where should I grip my penis? I read so I obviously know that gripping the head is no good and that you lose sensativity, but do you also lose sensativity when you grip the shaft?

Should I be gripping the skin that is right under the head, that is just about the same color as the head? Or are there glans in there too?

It seems that I am losing a bit of sensativity and EQ. This is all still new to me. I’m just looking for some knowledge. Please help me.

ThatGuy69: My suggestion is to grip the shaft not the glans, definitely not the glans. It does take some trial and error to find a spot that is comfortable. To aid your grip you can try using a piece of tissue as a wrap, or as I do, use very thin disposable rubber gloves (paint isle at Home Depot). The tissue or gloves allow a better grip with less grip pressure, and less chance of hurt. But work on finding a location on the shaft. Lastly, I’ve found a warm up with the rice sock is a big help in increasing the flaccid length before stretching vs the flaccid length of a ‘cold’ unit. You will have more length which gives you more space to grip. Good luck!

Many guys grip the glans without problems. The length of time it takes for a stretch, a minute or less, won’t cause any nerve damage. I always gripped the glans for stretches by placing the sulcus (the groove just under the corona or ridge of the glans) in the web between my thumb and first finger with my palm facing away. Then closing the first, second and third fingers around the glans to get a good grip and using the triceps to extend my arm away from my body. Baby powder or light rubber or vinyl gloves can keep things from slipping.

Originally Posted by westla90069

Baby powder…

This has been the key for me. It just makes the stretching go a little bit easier, and my skin doesn’t feel nearly as irritated as it would without it.

If you get invited to your first orgy, don't just show up nude. That's a common mistake. You have to let nudity "happen."

Thanks all. At least I know it’s not the stretching because length is what I’m working for right now. I’ve been feeling good today after taking yesterday off and my flaccid hang is pretty impressive at the moment. (And I’ve been getting quite aroused as well) HAHA

So just a minor set back. But thanks again.

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