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Newbie Question part 2

Newbie Question part 2

Hey guys, I’m about to turn 19, and I will post progress/routine soon. But I’m 2 weeks into PE and it feels great. My question is, I read that the penis grows up until you’re 18-21 so am I in the prime time for PE? And will I get better results if I increase how much testosterone I produce daily? ( I exercise fairly vigorously so don’t say “DO FITNESS”) and will vaso-dilators make my results better?

You can get a “anabolic” effect on your body by doing lifts that use many muscles like bench, deadlift and squat. 6 reps max, lift heavy! Watch your technique on your deadlifts though you don’t want to mess up your back.

Well I’m 19, and I think my dick had stopped growing around 17 at least. If you care about your body do sports etc but the extra testosterone won’t make your dick grow any bigger. You gotta rely on your PE work out for that.

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